Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hatching Day!

We've had chicken eggs in the incubator and Tuesday was Hatching day. :D We had 40 eggs in the incubator- and about 30 hatched. We did lose a few the first day or so- but we have 25 chicks (adding to the 18 chickens we already have!)
The boys like to crowd around the incubator and watch the chicks hatch
Even the big boys
Here's the chicks now- why are some black, some white and some yellow!? The variety we have- we THOUGHT that the roosters were black with a white spot on their head, and the hens were all black. At least when we got these chickens that's what they were. But for some reason we have some chicks that are white and yellow?! Wierd!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I AM a woman of Steel

Race day finally came! I've been training since last July for the Women of Steel Triathlon. In July my SIL Amber asked me to do a triathlon with her. So I bought a family membership to the local pool, and have been swimming 2 days a week (the swim leg of the race was going to be my advantage- While I'm not fast- I'm certainly better at swimming than running or biking) I started Couch to 5K running program (it took me much longer than 9 weeks to make it through the program- as I had to repeat a few weeks) And Ben and the boys got me a new bike for my birthday last summer, and I've been on it as much as weather allowed. So I was as ready as I thought I could be.

Today was the day I've been training for. The big race. It was a cold, cold, cold, raining morning as Amber and I unloaded our bikes and got ready. As we got to the transition area, they announced over the loudspeaker that the swim leg of the race was being replaced with a 1 mile run instead. So instead of swim-bike-run we would be run-bike-run-ing. I was a bit dissapointed- as the swim is my best leg, but by the same token it was SOO cold- swimming in an outdoor pool and then biking and running- I probably would have frozen to death. ;)
We started out running 1 mile, (instead of swmming the 300 m- that I was TOTALLY prepared for) I was number 261- so I was 2 minutes behind the first group of runners- Amber was in the first group. Here I am on mile number 1- just starting out.
After a 1 mile run- was the bike leg- 2 loops at just over 6 miles each- for a 12 mile ride.
I rented a road bike for the race- and I'm SO glad I did- it made the bike leg much easier!
Here's Amber in transition area- getting onto her bike. Amber in the bike leg- Amber is an awesome biker- and has done big long bike races before- this year she's doing a 100 mile race in just a couple of weeks. (Amber- YOU ROCK!)Ok- last but not least- the 3 mile final run- YOUCH! There was a MAJOR hill to climb- (note to self- IF I do this again- train on hills!) And the finish line! I DID IT!!! Ok- so it wasn't fast- and it wasn't pretty- but I DID IT! Here's my results- I came in just under 2 hours- at 1:55:50.7! WEEEHAAA!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fort Buenaventura

We had a wonderful field trip yesterday to Fort Buenaventura We learned all about Mountain Men, and the history of the fort. Then the kids got to try tomahawks at log targets. The boys of course thought that was the COOLEST thing ever! Especially the fact that Bug's friend X got his tomahawk to stick in the log! They also had some Search and Rescue dogs there, and gave us a short demonstration, and talked about what to do if you are lost. It was great!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Golden Spike Celebration

Yesterday we went out to Promontory to the Golden Spike Celebration. I won't say we go every year- but I do enjoy going out there and seeing all the festivities.
Bug in front of the Jupiter
HAA! I got you Doodle! Little stinker likes to hide from the camera- Doodle climbing on the Jupiter

Mom, Roo and Doodle taking a little "train" ride down the road and back I say "train" as it was a truck on wheels that looked like a train. But the kids thought it was cool. As we were heading back to civilization, we saw the 119 back up, and the fireman hopped off to switch the tracks.
They have some neat Jr. Ranger activities at the Golden Spike- Definately worth checking out. you can print them off at home- but I think there's probably a few questions that can only be answered by going to the Historic Site.

Doodle's Tumbling

Doodle is awesome at tumbling- he has always been limber and active- When he was about 3, he'd do headstands- and just stay there for minutes at a time. So I put him in gymnastics. Last week we had parents day at his gymnastics- and I got to go and watch. The pics aren't that great- and I wish I could have gotten a picture of his super cool roundoff-backhandspring. But he was too fast- ;) they are all a blur.
Doodle climbing the rope.
Pike jump
I did get a short video clip of his back handspring-

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Place Value Game

I've often noticed how many kids have a hard time with place value- understanding that a 1 in the 10's column is actually 10. We've used a lot of Math their Way games in our homeschool- one of the favorites is called Zurkle in the Math their way newsletter- (it's on page 8 as you scroll down) It's explained better in the Math their way book. (we found a copy on Paperback Swap) In the game you move cubes from the white "ones" side to the blue "10's" side, and regroup them as needed. The beauty of this game is that you play it with all different bases- not just 10's- so it's easy to get familiar with the concept of regrouping. It's a simple game- ring the bell, and add cubes to the white side then when there's the correct number- you regroup them and move them to the blue side. The catch is that with different bases- there are different numbers to regroup at- and not just 10. We've come up with our own silly words for each number- Roo decided to call 4- Bajonko So first we practice counting- 1, 2, 3, Bajonko. We also have silly words for all the numbers 3-9 and play with the other numbers too. I wrote the silly words down on the back of our blue/wite paper, so we don't forget the names we choose. Anyhow- Roo made a short movie to show how we play the Bajonko game.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I LOVE Bountiful Baskets!

Recently I've learned about a super cool produce co-op in our area called Bountiful Baskets. It is such fun and a great deal. Each monday afternoon- you log into their website- and purchase your basket online- for only $15. (some locations offer organic too- for a bit more money) Then on Saturday morning- you go to the pick-up location you specified and get your produce. We've had such fun seeing what's in the baskets for the week. Each week it varies what's in the basket- whatever they can get a good deal on. Here is this week's load.
3 pkgs Blackberries
bag of apples
a bunch of bananas
8 kiwi
10 or so Roma Tomatoes
1 head leaf lettuce
1 large bunch of spinach
4 artichokes
package of radishes
2 cucumbers
I might be forgetting something- but all in all- I think it was a SUPER deal. Other weeks we've had fresh pineapple, carrots, celery, red potatoes, swiss chard (ok- I admit- I'd never had swiss chard before- we had to look online for a recipe- Ben and I thought it was good, Doodle LOVED it- Bug liked it, and Roo....well Roo doesn't like a lot of things)
More benefits- I've found we eat more fruits and veggetables when we have them around. Also we get to try new things.
Anyhow- check it out!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bug's Karate Demo

Bug has been taking Karate for a while now- we switched studios about a year ago- and he had to start back over on the belts. He's back up to Orange- and ready to test again soon. Thursday night they had a Karate Demo- and showed off some of their moves. It was fun to watch.

Bug is the Orange belt at the front- I kinda only got picture from behind. oh well.