Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Olympic Park Field trip

Last Monday 2 bigger boys had school off, so we took a field trip with Pam.  I love field trips with Pam! We went to Park City to the Olympic Venues, it was amazing to see! 

 Me and my Bob Sled Team- notice- I'm in the middle- where I don't have to help push or steer lol ;)

 A view from the top of the ski jump hill- Holy Cow! No way in the world I'd go down this hill!

 Doodle helping our tour guide show us how the Skeleton sled works-
A view from the top near the top of the bobsled and luge
 Taking a break after looking through the museum- it was pretty cool!
View from the bottom of the Ski jump- if you look close- there's a person coming down.  Way cool to watch!

My 3 skiiers-  lol- Jonah's face says it all!

Thanks Pam for a great field trip!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yellowstone in Winter

 Recently we were able to go up to the cabin for the weekend.  We had such a super time! It was a real adventure!  We cross country skied in, while Ben and Doodle got the cabin fires started, and hauled in all our gear,

Me, Roo, Bug and Pam skiing in
Trish skiing in

My Mom and Dad came up to the cabin with us.   Roo was so funny, he'd sit by the heater, warm up his blanket, then go sit by my parents with his nice warm blankey. 
 We've always wanted to go on a snowcoach in Yellowstone, and we finally did it! My parents gave us some money for Christmas, and told us to make some memories with it. And we did! 

 Trish, Bug and Roo eating a snack on our tour.
 Pam and  Trish ready to go

Grandma, Bug and Roo in our snowcoach

Roo waiting with Grandma and Granpa for the Snowcoach to be ready.
I've seen this waterfall hundreds of times, but it's just SO different, and so beautiful in the winter with the snow all around!
Hungry Bison in the snow

A hot spring and steam vent at Norris. We got off the coach, and did a little hiking in the snow.
 Not Quite all of us, but a good shot
 Bug- taking pictures out the top
 The Canyon
 Roo was my photographer, Grandpa and Grandma posing for him
 Out walking around in the snow

It was an amazing trip!  We had such a blast seeing a new side of Yellowstone. 
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What we've been up to!

I've been a slacker on here lately.  So here's a few posts on what we've been up to.

A few weeks ago Bug and Doodle participated in a Homeschool Entrepreneur fair.  They made duct tape wallets, pens and bracelets, along with Bug's wooden Harry Potter Wands.  The Entrepreneur fair was a HUGE success, both boys had a great time, and even made a bit of money in the process.
 Here's their Booth, with all the cool wallets laid out.
Their booth was called "Wallets and Wands"

We can't wait for the next one!   Here's a link to the Entrepreneurs blog with more info http://www.upandcomingentrepreneurs.blogspot.com/ Thanks Tammy for a wonderful fair!