Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Roo!

My how Time flies! When my babies were babies- I'd get frustrated when people would tell me to "enjoy them, they grow up too fast" I guess I just didn't "get it" Now I do. Wow! Time has simply flown by, and my baby has grown like crazy. 5 years ago today we were blessed with another son. Roo was always a happy, content baby. He loved to smile and his big brothers were the best entertainment ever. Roo's first Birthday Roo is still a happy camper- and quite content to be dragged along on whatever expeditions (or as Winnie the Pooh in our bedtime story says "expotition") our family goes on.

Snomobiling at the cabin as a baby-
Yellowstone School" almost 1
Exploring Escalante when he was 1 1/2Hiking to White Pine Lake (3)- I still can't believe at 3 he hiked the WHOLE way! Hiking in Moab last fall
Roo likes learning- and homeschooling is working great for him. He loved learning about volcanoes a few months ago- and making this volcano. (I remember making this same type of volcano with Bug and Doodle when they were about the same age- what memories!)
All this to say "Happy Birthday Roo!" We love you!
Silly kid!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am so blessed to have a wonderful family. I am blessed to be able to live nearby to my parents and grandparents. My kids are so lucky to know them! They are such a great example to me. My grandpa Earl passed away Saturday night after a battle with Alzheimer's . He is truly a wonderful man. Always kind, honest and hard-working.

A picture of my Grandparents from a Christmas party a couple years ago.One of the biggest blessings I've found through homeschooling was being able to have my kids spend time with their Great Grandpa. About 2-3 times a month we'd stop in at their house and let my grandma run her errands, and the kids would entertain him, play, watch TV with him. Had I not been homeschooling- they would have been at school when I went to help out. They would have missed out on SO much! Bug worked on his reading merit badge for scouts and read books to his Great Grandpa. A few months ago when he had to go to a Care Center- my kids were excited that now when they did their Homeschool Service, he'd be there to listen to them sing, play the piano and recite their poems. Bug looked forward to reading stories to Grandpa, especially Dr Suess stories. Doodle liked to tease him (and put the brakes on his wheel chair) And Roo loved it when he came and said "Hi Grandpa" and Grandpa replied "Hi Grandpa" Roo said, "He called me Grandpa!"

Grandpa- We love you, and will miss you dearly.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Backpackers in-training

In preparation for our Yellowstone backpacking trip to Pebble Creek we went on a mini backpack trip Friday night. We decided to hike in to Old Ephraim's Grave We were originally going to take a hiking trail, but took the road that said "Ephraim's grave this way" So we took the road instead. We were driving in Ben's car- not the truck- so it was a rough road. We got within about 2 miles, and decided that there was a great place to park. So we hiked the rest of the way along the road.

The Crew- just as we were starting out-
Ben and Roo hiking along- yes Roo (who will be 5 in a couple of weeks was carrying a pack- and carried his pack the whole way-though he only had to carry his sleeping bag and his camelback) Bug with his new pack- Bug has been working a bit for a neighbor and saving up money to buy camping gear- He earned the money for this pack- and was so proud. The whole trip he kept mentioning "I like my new pack" and guarenteed he'll take real good care of it too.
Doodle is an awesome backpacker. Even with a pack that's twice his size. We're looking for something smaller before we go to Yellowstone. We MADE IT!!!
The Grave MarkerBug trying his hand at starting a fire without matches
Roo Loves his "Spoonknifefork" that he got in his Christmas Stocking- it worked great for the 4+ bowls of oatmeal he ate the next morning. Doodle eating his dinner.
Getting a fire started
On the way back out Saturday morning- Doodle decided to lay down and take a rest. (it was all downhill Friday night- which meant- yes- all UPhill Saturday morning.
Ben feeding Doodle some trail mix. There's the CAR!! We made it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hiking around

We are beginning to get excited for our "Family Adventure" a backpacking trip into Yellowstone over the 24th of July. So Monday when we had a free night- we decided to take a hike for Family Home Evening.

On the way back down the trail View of Willard Bay from the top of the hill The wild roses were just beginning to bloom. Roo taking care of Bug's dog Kenai while the big boys were doing some climbing
Big boys climbing back down the cliffs Taking a break
Yikes! The creek was running fast. Doodle said I should be glad someone made this bridge- my thoughts were- let's just stay on this side of the creek. ;)
The creek was beautiful!
Ben, Roo and Bug hiking down the hill.

It was a great hike! We're thinking of going backpacking somewhere close this weekend to get used to the packs- not sure where though- any ideas?!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Better late than never

Ok- so I'm a little slow getting pics up here after our Memorial Day Cabin trip- (in my defense- I've been trying to get caught up with LAUNDRY!) We had a super time- and it was great that Ben's aunt Trish could come, and his cousins Mike and Brad, and Brad's wife Sara came too. It was a rainy, wet weekend. Sat morning- Ben, Bug and Doodle took the canoe and went down the river fishing- and got *S*n*O*w*E*D on! Poor kiddos were freezing! Later that day we went into Yellowstone.
Buffalo Jam! We stopped for a picnic when the weather cleared for a few minutes- and it started hailing again just as we were finishing up our lunch.

We decided to go for a hike toby the Petrified Tree to Lost Lake (GREAT hike- especially if you have someone who can pick you up at the bottom of the hill at Roosevelt Lodge. (Thanks Pam and Trish!)
Bug, Doodle, Roo and Sara exploring Lost Lake (only it isn't lost anymore- cuz we found it!)Ben and the Boys- I like this picture. ;) Gonna mess around with it in photoshop and see what fun I can have with it.This is "Mom Falls" I have a waterfall named after me. :D

Hiking along

It began to rain right as we were finishing up our hike- (perfect that the rain stopped long enough for us to hike!) And we drove around a bit- saw 6 black bears- (3 different mammas each with a cub) The black dots way down at the bottom of the canyon are 2 black bears.Roo pointing out the Bears.

Sunday morning we headed out for church- and that afternoon we hiked to the Lookout Tower above Big Springs. Brad, Sara, Bug, Doodle and Ben climbed to the top. Yikes- it's a scary climb- (Thanks Mike for staying on the ground with me! lol) What a view though!