Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation Pics part 4- Oregon coast and Home again

After a great time in Washington we drove through Seatle - the kids HAD to see the Space Needle.  Can I just say- We are NOT city people- ugg~! it was a madhouse on a Sunday afternoon in the city.  A quick drive by and we're out of there!
Then we dropped Ben off at the airport, -- he went home to work for the week. (what an amazing husband I have! Lets me stay and play while he works!)  I wish he could have stayed and played the whole week too- but alas, somehow we have to pay the bills. ;)  Then we picked Pam up at the airport.  She got to explore the coast with us.
First day- Mount Rainier and Mt St Helens
 Mount Rainier National park was beautiful!
A cool bridge that we had to go check out
Mount Rainier
Beautiful waterfall we hiked to

I just LOVE the Junior Ranger Programs that the National Parks have! And so do my boys.
After Mt Rainier- we journeyed to Mt .St. Helens visitors center.  Sorry- but what a dissapointment.  Apparently fron the visitor's center you can't even SEE the volcano.  :p  Cool visitor's center though.
Earning Ranger Badges at Mt. St. Helens
Awesome cabin at a State Park in Oregon- Monday night's resting spot
Day 2- Down the Oregon Coast
As we passed through Tillamook at lunch time- some boys saw a sign for 2 foot long jerky for .99  and convinced us to stop- what a cheap lunch! lol- we had string cheese and crackers in the cooler to go with it.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse- Cool stop!
Sea Lion caves we stopped at- a favorite of everyone'se
Pics of the Sea Lions in the cave
Pam and the Boys waiting for the elevator to come back to get us
Doodle was excited he got the bunk bed in our cabins on Loon Lake- our resting stop Tuesday night
Day 3- Crater Lake 
Happy Birthday Pam! 
We celebrated Pam's birthday with her at Crater Lake National Park

The Beautiful Lake
Earning Jr. Ranger Badges at Crater Lake
Roasting Hot Dogs over the fire at our final State Park Cabins- La Pine State Park.

We had such a great time! Thanks Uncle Dallas for planning a fun reunion for us to go to! Thanks Pam for venturing out on this vacation with me and the boys. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation pics part 3- more Washington pics

Just more vacation pictures to share
Sunset over the Bay
We rented Kayaks, Here's Roo and I paddling back to shore.  My boys  ALL loved kayaking (yes- even the big one) and think we need to buy us some kayaks.
Doodle kayaking
We loved exploring the tidepools, and found this cute little crab in one of them.
And this anemone
See- I was there ;)  Too often I'm the one behind the camera.
Roo- exhausted after a long day of family reunioning, and exploring- fell asleep in the car on the way back to our campsite.
More Tidepools we found- Roo found a little jellyfish
It wasn't the stinging kind
More tidepools!
Drawing the ocean and bay in his sketch pad for his Nature Journal

Bug drawing in his nature journal

And if we make him ;) even Doodle can sit still and draw in his nature journal too.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation Pics part 2- Washington

After our 4th of July Cabin trip- Ben went home to work for a few days, the boys, Pam and I stayed there.  Ben came back up Wed night, and Thursday morning we headed out on a road trip to Washington state.  My uncle lives near Seatle, and we were having a Family Reunion there.
Picnic lunch at Lewis & Clark Caverns

Cave Formatiosn in Lewis & Clark Caverns

Starting a fire at our first campsite- a beautiful spot along the Clark Fork river in Montana
If you want lunch- smile pretty!
Relaxing by the campfire
In the Cascade Forest- it's SO pretty and green!
Short side trail we took to explore the ferns and trees.
The Bay at Deception Pass State Park
Exploring the Beach
Bug by the Ocean
Roo and his Smore
Doodle eating his Smore
More Pics to come!

Vacation pics part 1

Warning- these posts could get LONG ;) We've been vacationing for 2 weeks straight. lol- First off- cabin 4th of July pics
exploring at Sheepeater Cliffs- one our  favorite Yellowstone Hangouts
Birthday boy with his Birthday cake
Gibbon Falls
Wading at the Railroad Bridge
Doodle found a COOL sled at a yard sale- and used it as a kayak out on the river

More wading pics
Some cool crafts the boys made- sailboats and pirate ships
Roo's Pirate Ship
Bug built a model car

We had such a Great time at the cabin!  Can't wait to go back for the 24th. ;)  We're going to be building a new deck on it over the 24th.  Should be fun.