Monday, June 18, 2012

Take me out to the Ball Game

We got some tickets to a Salt Lake Bees game, and took the kids down the other day.  My brother Eric, his wife Natalie, and their 3 kids went with us, as well as Pam.  We rode the frontrunner train and then Trax down to the game.

Roo and his cousins, H, C and M
Pam and M
Ben's sister, Amber and her 3 boys met us at the game-
The little kids think Doodle is the coolest kid ever.  Its neat to see the way he helps take care of them and play with them
We finally found the Bee! Bug, N, W, H, Roo, C and L.  
Lessons learned- a baseball game is L----O-----N-----G, and none of the kids really knew what was going on or cared much about the game! lol  But we had a fun time anyway.

Newest addition- Sally

Roo has been anxiously awaiting "mid-June" for a while now- because that's when his goat Nanny was due to have her kid.  Sally was born EARLY Saturday morning.  Roo is so proud of Nanny and her baby.  He spends every waking minute out checking on them.

Proud Roo with his goats.
Nanny and little baby Sally.

Sunday Drives and Nature Center

Summertime.... We love to explore in the summer.  Lately, we've taken to going for Sunday afternoon drives, and just see where we end up.

Roo, on a recent Sunday Drive- finding cool rocks.

One of our Sunday Drives brought us right past the new Brigham City Temple.  We are SO excited for this temple to be dedicated and ready to visit!

Yesterday's Sunday drive- we ended up at Tony's Grove, and had cookies for a snack.
Roo eating his cookie- while bug looks cool.

We stopped at the nature Center on our way to the Library one day.

More exploring

Aren't God's creations amazing!?
Beautiful flowers we saw at Tony's Grove- gotta look em up.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just the guys

Last weekend- Ben took the boys out for a nice father/son outing.  They've had a tradition of going fishing for the past couple of years, and this year, they decided they'd rather go rock climbing at City of Rocks instead of fishing.  Here's a few pics from their adventure. 

Roo, Bug,&  Doodle

Doodle cooking over the fire

Here's what he was cooking- a Cactus! lol He said it was pretty good.

Eating his dinner- yes- that is the cactus he roasted over the fire.

I love it when Roo gets ahold of the camera

I get pictures like THIS!

And This-  (I think this is a rock)

2 crazy kids

Bug- aka- Mr. Cool
They had a great time, and I had a super quiet evening and morning at home all alone!