Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Final Summer Field trip and Back to School

With the start of school looming- we decided to take 1 last Summer Field trip.  We took a trip to the small local zoo the day before school started.  We love this place, it's not crowded, it's cheap, and fun. 
 My silly animals, Roo- going into 2nd grade, Bug- going into 8th grade, and Doodle- 4th grade
 Cute little Box Turtle
 Wallaby- sitting in the shade by the fence
We had a nice field trip! And of course- all you can eat Pizza at Pizza Pie Cafe (my boys favorite- combine all you can eat with Pizza and Pasta- and we're SET!  

And the 1st day of school, Aug 2012-

This will be a different sort of year for us! For the past 8 years, Bug has been Homeschooled, the past 2 years he's taken a few classes at the local public school, but this year he (and we) decided it was right to send him to public school full time.  (bittersweet day for this momma- I've always known this day would come- we've always planned on homeschooling until High School, then sending them to public school--  the day just came a year earlier than I'd expected.)  But he was excited and he was ready. 
The classes he is taking this Semester:
-9th grade Honors Math (thanks to Pam, our WONDERFUL, Amazing and special Math tutor!)
- Language Arts
-Brass (he LOVED the Band Teacher at the Intermediate School, and what a blessing, this teacher moved to the Middle school!
- US History
-Exploring Technology
Doodle will again be going to Public school.  He's in 4th grade this year, and I tihnk we have a great teacher- She seems very organized and on top of things!  As hard of a decision as it was for me to make, it's really the best decision for him.  He is doing well, and I think its been good for him to see the pro's and con's of homeschooling versus public school.   

My one lonely little homeschooler! Roo will continue to homeschool this year. I'm excited to get to spend this one-on-one time with him. We have some fun things planned this year. Here's what he'll be using in his school drawers-

Drawer 1- Your Choice from School Cupboard
Drawer 2- Spelling and Writing
 Drawer 3- Pam's Math assignments and Math games
Drawer 4- Computer time- various websites, dance mat typing, math games etc.
Drawer 5- Read a book to mom, and various reading games
Drawer 6- PE and Piano
Drawer 7- Our FAVORITE! Five in a Row- if I had 1 thing to recomment to new homeschoolers it would be this.  We just love the simpleness and fun, and effectiveness of Five in a Row.  Along in this drawer is copywork- a sentence each day from our story of the week, various lapbook and notebook components that include social studies, language arts, art, applied math and science, (and more!)
Drawer 8- Finish up Botany, then start Apologia Flying Creatures of the 5th day-
Drawer 9- Writing Journal
We are looking forward to a GREAT school year!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cabin Trip with Nick and Amber

Ben's little brother Nick and his wife Amber made the long trek to the cabin from Louisiana where he is stationed in the army.  We decided we'd better try and make a quick trip up to see them.  Ben and I made a very quick trip- leaving after work on Friday- and coming back Sunday afternoon.  The kids and Pam stayed until Tuesday.  It was great to see them, and we had a blast!
 What's a cabin trip without a river trip-  Tim, N and Roo on a kayak that we rented.
 Roo paddled my canoe for me.
 Ben paddled in back- and I got to  sit and enjoy the ride!
 Bug rented a tube and floated the river
 Doodle taking his turn on the kayak
 Amber and Nick- what a cute couple!
Doodle floating on the tube 
 Cousin W and his tube
Had to take a quick fishing trip to the Bridge- Doodle with a fish he helped catch
 L was such a help- he's so independent in his fishing- "I can do it myself"
 Bug and Nick- Bug really looks up to Nick, and thinks he's pretty cool. 
W and L doing dishes. Lol- I threaten my boys with the task of doing dishes, "If you aren't nice to your brother you'll have to do dishes." To which L and W reply "Can I do dishes?!"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Backpacking trip

We went on a super fun backpacking trip last month to White Pine Lake. It's about a 4 mile hike in to the lake, and another 4 miles back out again.
  Roo, all ready to hike
 Doodle with his pack on
 Doodle, Roo and Ben hiking up the hill
 Bug, the awesome hiker
 Bug in his hammock inside the "man cave" (the triangle of trees the 2 big boys put their hammocks in)
 Doodle in his hammock- these Hammocks are SOOO much more comfortable than the ground!
 The big boys on their "log kayak"  it didn't work too well with both of them on it. They made a makeshift paddle with a baggie and a stick
 Ben with a nice little Brook trout he caught
 Roo with his dinner
My favorite flowers, Indian Paintbrush

We had a fun time backpacking!

Cabin Vacation Part 2-

Ooops! Apparently I "forgot" to post part 2 of cabin pics! (ok- so maybe I didn't forget, but simply haven't gotten around to it yet;)
 Cousins C, K, and A, such cute girls!
 The elk on the lawn at Mammoth
 Cookout time- A thinks Bug is pretty cool. 
 K and M sitting around the fire
 Pam in the canoe
 4th of July fireworks- playing with glow in the dark light sticks
 C went fishing with us, she was SOOOO proud of her fish, everyone who canoed by us (in the rain) heard about her catch.    She was such a sport, not even complaining about the rain falling on our heads.
 My fish ;) yup- I outfished Ben.
 Doodle and cousin N.  I love the way the little ones look up to my Boys!
 Part of the crew at the bridge feeding the fish

 Ben, Doodle, Roo, C and I went hiking in Yellowstone
 All of us on our hike
 C,  and the buffalo off in the distance- we had to bushwhack around him- he was too near our trail.
Roo celebrating, almost being back to the car

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cabin Vacation part 1

Oh Wow!  How do I share all about  2 amazing weeks at the cabin? We had a great time! We went up to the cabin to finish up the bathroom remodel project. (had to have it done by the 4th of July when the whole gang was going to be up there!)   and looking through my pics- I didn't even get pics of the remodel project.  oh well!
We had to do more than just work! Taking a break from the work to go fising.
Took a trip into Yellowstone for an evening picnic and Ranger Program. Bug *attempted* to start the fire without matches.
Then we went to the ampitheater to listen to the Ranger presentation about the stars over Yellowstone.
What happens when these buffalo
decide to come up into THIS ampitheater?!  Excitement- as they made us move to the back, then  out of the area, and into the parking lot,  and into our cars while the Bison march on through.
 What's even more exciting- when they come stampeding back down the side of the benches in the middle of the presentation! (sorry- it was dark- no pic of that!)

Sunday Morning, Ben and Bug headed back home, Ben had to be to work on Monday :( and Bug had Scout Camp.  Pam, Doodle, Roo and I stayed at the cabin. :D it was GREAT! 

With lots of....
(look at that bull's eye!)
more archery
Kite flying
Work projects
Doodle sanded the picnic table and we refinished it.
And Roo painted the log swing.

Of course, what's a cabin trip without a(nother) trip to Yellowstone!?
We watied for an hour for Castle Geyser to go off
It was worth the wait!
Castle is one of our favorites!  It only goes off about every 14 hours, but if you can catch it, it's SO  AMAZING!  It goes off for like 20 minutes, and shoots pretty high, and is much neater than Old Faithful ;) 
Doodle and Roo earned their "Young Scientist Badges" at Old Faithful visitor's Center.  Such cool programs they have for kids!
 On our way back to the cabin- we stopped, and just happened upon Great Fountain Geyser that was set to erupt- (pretty cool! I don't remember ever watching this one before!)
So we pulled out our chairs for a tailgate treat.

More of our adventure to come!