Monday, September 26, 2011


Ben's Sister, Amber and I decided we needed to do another Triathlon (ok- I think I might have pulled her leg a little, and convinced her this time)

Amber and I before the race
Me getting ready for the swim (my favorite part of the race!)  I didn't want to post this embarrasing pic of me in my swimsuit- but if I was going to post the one of Amber below- I thought it only fair. lol
In the pool waiting.  They had us line up by how good of swimmers we were, and then started us about every 10 seconds or so.  It takes forever for those at the back of the line, but I'm not so sure I could do an open body of water swim- yikes- something about fish nibbling at my toes! lol

Swim/bike transition
Amber getting ready for her swim leg
Amber's swim/bike transition
Bike/Run transition
Awww The Finish Line!  What a rush!  THAT is the reason I do these silly things- I just love the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done.  To be able to say "Yah- I did that!"
Swim time:  6:54
T1 2:14
Bike Time   54:42
T2   0:58
Run time  42:34
Overall-  1:47:19.6
My last race was 1:59 something or other- so I shaved 12 minutes off my time.  :D My only goal was to do better than last time.  So I was pleased!  Amber did wonderful as well, she didn't get to do the run- as we had to hurry and get to the temple for Ben and Amber's cousin Mike's wedding. 
I have to put in a few good words about the wonderful things they had for families at this race- they had a bounce house, free cotton candy, free popcorn, sign making activities, face painting, and so much more!  As Ben told the boys mom was done- Roo's answer was "ALREADY?"  He was having too much fun!
Soo.....Who's with us next year!?  We are definately doing the Triathamom again next year. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alaska Pics- final post-

We had such a great time in Alaska- our final day we drove down through Ancorage and headed down to Whittier to Prince William Sound for a glacier cuise. On our way, we stopped and could see Beluga whales swimming in the bay.

Whale watching
Beautiful glacier!

Roo- standing near the shore
The gang waiting for our turn to go through the Tunnel

The tunnel- this tunnel was soooo long- it took 7 minutes to get from one side to the other!

Inside the tunnel

On our glacier/wildlife cruise
Amazing glaciers- we watched a HUGE piece calve off.  It was neat!

Ben and Bug out on the deck of the boat

Some sea otters

MY waterfall ;)

The Whole gang on the glacier cruise

What a Wonderful dream vacation! Thanks SO much Pam! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alaska pics part 4

 Just a few more pics from Alaska.  One afternoon we left Ben, and the big boys (and L) at the lake fishing, and Amber, Tim, W, N, Roo and I went to a Reindeer Farm.
Doodle and W driving the paddleboat

Bug, Doodle and L on the paddle boat
This elk just LOVED these 2 boys, and followed W all the way up and down the fence.
Me feeding a Reindeer

Roo petting a baby reindeer. 

Roo feeding Denali the Moose

Roo petting a buffalo.
 Another day we went out exploring, took some nice country roads and found some beautiful scenery!
We took a drive and found this neat boat- it was in the Harbor at Knik, but after the Earthquake in 1964, the land shifted- and it wasn't under water anymore. 
Another cool shot of the boat

W and Roo - best buddies
We went to the Iditarod Headquarters.- The kids got to pet some sled dog puppies- they were SOO cute!

All of us by a Dog sled used in the Iditarod
Beautiful view of the Bay

We had such fun blueberry picking- we went again to get some more.
View from above- what a beautiful valley!
Ben and the boys went down to pan for gold, they found this old shack and thought it was pretty cool

Friday, September 16, 2011

Alaska pictures part 3

One of the highlights of our Alaska trip was our day trip to Denali National Park.  It was a long drive from our chalet to get to Denali
As we were driving there-This was one of the best views we got of the Big Mountain- Mt. McKinley-

The bus
The bus ride into Denali- they don't allow private vehicles past a certain point- you hop on a bus and ride in.
No one looks very thrilled about a bus ride!
Amber on the bus

Sometimes pictures just don't do those fall colors justice! The colors were amazing! 

Bug, Pam and Doodle at one of the "rest stops" along the way. 
The Bus stopped every 90 minutes for bathroom breaks and to stretch your legs. 
Taking a break from the bus ride
Doodle at the top of the world- or rather close to it.
Doodle displaying some Caribou antlers-- Notice how well he's cooperating lately- :D  I'm lovin it.
Roo and L taking a look through the scope

Bug displaying his antlers
Here's what made the long 8 hour bus ride worth it--- yes you read that right- 4 hours in to the visitor's center- and 4 hours back out.  
Grizzlies! Here's a mom and 2 cubs...HUGE cubs- and 3 more belo
Another Griz

This one stood up and sniffed the air, and walked a few steps for us...  All in all 13 grizzlies- (or if you go by Doodle's count- 18- because there were some we saw both directions, up the mountain and back down)
Some Dall Sheep
Some of my favorite Animals ;)  My Jr. Rangers!

This Huge moose was waiting for us to spot him on our way out of the park.

Denali was awesome!  Ok- maybe I can fit all the rest on 1 more post....err maybe not- coming soon- Sled dogs, Feeding the Reindeer, & the Glacier Cruise.