Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer School

One of the beauties of homeschooling is we can schedule school when we want to, and take breaks throughout the year. We took the whole month of December off from school, and a few weeks in the fall, and a few weeks in the spring, not to mention the fact that we've done 4 day weeks through the whole year (Fridays were field trip days, library days, park days, home ec days (aka- clean the house!) etc.) So while the public school kids will be getting out of school next week, we'll continue on for the month of June.

But- a friend on a message board posted about how she had her kids do their own unit study- and present it each year. I think she chose the month of March. I liked the idea so well, the kids are doing their own studies through the month of June. A few weeks ago I asked them to be thinking about what they'd like to study. Yesterday I sat down with the boys and hashed out their plans. Doodle has decided to study Motorcycles. And Bug is going to do a study on the book Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. I think June will be a fun month. Both boys will continue Math. Doodle has finished his math book- but will work on math on the Learning Palette or just play simple math games. Bug will finish his math book, and do a few other math type things.

So here's Doodle's study plans- He told me what he wanted to learn about motorcycles, and we broke it down into what he would do each day. (We still have Friday's off)
Christian’s Motorcycle Study

June 2
Compare old motorcycles to new motorcycles
June 3
Math- find out costs of different motorcycles
June 4
Scripture story

June 5
Motorcycle Art
June 9
Social Studies-
Motorcycle safety laws
June 10
Language arts- New words you learn

June 11
Science- How they work- shifting
June 12
Science- diagram of parts
June 16
Geography- Map of motorcycle route
June 17
Motorcycle Art
June 18
Cooking- plan menu and the cost.

June 23
Social studies- Motorcycle groups- watch Wild Hogs
June 24
Final report-
June 25
Plan field trip idea
Give Report- Tell all about Motorcycles!

Micah planned his month a little differently- he made a list of the projects and assignments and will complete 1 each day and check them off.

Micah’s Fablehaven Study

_______Study Greek Myths, draw a picture of my favorite Greek Myth with my summary of the story. Include 8 mythical creatures on your definition page.

_______Design my own Preserve
_______Map, Flag and 5 cool things about Connecticut

______Study Solstice, moon phases and seasons. Make a matching game. Include the moon phases, seasons and solstice on definition page.
______Study Walrus, Habitat, diet, size, enemies, and other cool things. Include a picture of a walrus with body parts labeled.

______Find 2 scripture stories that go along with Fablehaven, read them, write about them.

Language Arts
_____Write book about Magical Preserve
_____Answer discussion questions in back of book
_____Mini-book about Author
_____Memorize 2 Shel Silverstein poems and write them in your neatest cursive and include in your presentation.
_____Write Topic Page, Resource Page and Definition page.

Arts and Crafts
_____Make a Model of Hugo and Mendigo

_____Plan a Fablehaven meal, with complete grocery list, menu and cost estimates

Field Trip
_____Plan a field trip- tell where, why it goes with Fablehaven, and how much it will cost including gas to get there and home.

Due June 25, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend at the cabin

We went to our family cabin in Island Park for the weekend. It was Great fun! There was still snow around! Quite a few piles of snow in fact. The kids went sledding on the pile in the back of the cabin- and it was a good hill for them. Who ever heard of sledding at Memorial Day!? I thought I got a picture of sledding- but I guess not. Here's a few shots from the weekend.

Ben's Sister Amber, her dh Tim, and their boy W (2) - L ( 2 months) is asleep on the floor.
Beautiful glasses Pam and Roo!
Bug and Pam's granddaughter M.
Ben and Doodle carving up the turkey for dinner.
Doodle was on a real Lincoln Log kick this weekend. He built tons of houses out of them....(usually he's the one knocking them down!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Snow cones and broom guitars

Doodle's birthday isn't until August, but Ben's aunt Pam gave him an early birthday present so he can enjoy it all through the summer. Thanks again Pam! So yesterday he made shaved ice for everyone for lunch. He was pretty proud of himself- making them all by himself. And they turned out delicous!
Bug was supposed to be sweeping the floor yesterday, when Doodle snapped his picture.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Things have been crazy around here. Last week- Doodle and I went on our date- we went to Willow Park Zoo (after hearing Roo talk about the monkeys and turtles- he wanted to go) He loved taking pictures with the camera.

Friday night was our ward's Father and Son's Campout- Ben took all 3 boys camping, and I had a quiet evening alone! They all had a BLAST camping. Roo kept talking about sleeping in the tent, and the big boys are still telling me about the games they played with their friends.

We've been working hard to get our well up and working (we- ok- so many Ben's been working hard;)) Got the garden mostly planted- just in time for a great rainstorm today. We planted about 30 tomatoes, 20 peppers, tons of corn, the zucchini, and squash. Still need to plant beans, canteloupe, watermelon and pumpkins.
We had our last Great American's Boys for this year yesterday. You can read more about our Boy's Club Here. We went to the local Pizza Place, ordered Pizza, and each of the boys told about a Great American. We played a simple timeline game, putting in order the people we've learned about this year. Then talked about what they want to do for next year. It was fun.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whine, and Bug's Thomas Edison movies

Whine and vent- My tooth has been killing me for a few days- finally I went into the dentist- and I have an absessed tooth. UGGG! my face is all swollen up huge. He put me on antibiotics and said I need to go to a specialist for a root canal. The soonest the specialist can get me in is the day after memorial day!

For Micah's beyond FIAR assignment he was told to "reenact a historical event" (In the story of Thomas Edison- Thomas pretends he is Columbus and Commodore Perry, so Micah was supposed to pretend to be someone in history- This is what he came up with instead!) So here's his reenactment- lol- a Battle in World War II.

Another Assignment he had last week was to formulate a business plan. Micah's had this plan for a "walking stick business" for a while now, and even sold a walking stick...(thanks Dad!) So he wrote up his business plan, then had to come up with advertising for his business. He made a flyer, business cards, and a commercial. Though I think he's revised his plans, and has all his neighborhood friends coming over to make wands instead- it's easier to find wand wood than walking stick wood ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Book suggestions?!

For Mother's Day- Bug got me This book: Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague. (The 3rd book in the series) I have just LOVED the Fablehaven Series. It's exciting and fun.

Now I need suggestions for more books to read! My wonderful husband Ben gave me money to spend on Amazon for Mother's Day. So I'm on a hunt for more good books, that I just have to own! Any ideas? I know I'm getting the first Fablehaven- since I just borrowed it from the library, and it's time to read that one aloud to some boys I think.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Fun

We went to my parent's cabin for the weekend. It was a blast. All my brothers (except Clint- who is on a mission in Dominican Republic) were there. It was a nice relaxing time, the weather was great, and the kids had a ball playing with their cousins.
Playing Video games with the cousins was Doodle's favorite part.And of course- 4-wheeler rides. Everyone comes running whenever the engine is started.

Bug and I have been taking Hunter Safety online. We have the range test and a written test mid-June. So we took the 22, and tried hitting a few targets. Bug did awesome. On one of his targets, he his 9 out of 10.
Cousin A did good hitting the target too...though somehow no one believed her ;) they thought she poked the target with a stick. ;p
My shooting....needs some practice....I did manage to hit a pop can (once! lol) Guess I'd better go to the shooting range and practice before the big test.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Swimming party

Ben's little brother Nick got a job at a local campground/golf course with a swimming pool. Tuesday night they had an employees party, and Nick invited us to come and go swimming. It was a BLAST! Thanks again Nick for inviting us. Here's some pics of my little swimmers
Roo the Swimmer
Nick, Doodle and Bug
Doodle did really well- the pool was shallow enough at one end that he could touch, so he LOVED swimming around on his own.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've been tagged

Rachel tagged me- Here it is- all about my wonderful Husband! :D

What is is name? Benjamin Wittmann Dean
How long have you been together? married for almost 12 wonderful years
How long did you date? About 9 months- Our first date was in Dec (after Clint's baptism). and he proposed in May
How old is he? 32. And that's "old" He used to tease the guys he works with how 30 was SO old....guess what....he's there now- and "so old" Though he is really about 12 at heart- wich is why he does such a good job with the scouts.

Who eats more? Him
Who said "I love you first"? Him

Who is taller- Ben is definately taller
Who is smarter? Him of course;) But between the two of us- we know EVERYTHING- Just ask doodle and bug.
Who does the laundry? Me, though he does help hang up his and put it away.
Who does the dishes? Me- ooh wait- I mean....The KIDS- isn't that what we had kids for?
Who pays the bills? Both of us. We sit down together each week and get em done.
Who mows the lawn?- Him- oh wait- another reason we had kids! Bug does.
Who cooks dinner? Me usually. If we are grilling, he does a much better job though.
Who drives when you are together? Ben does.
Who is more stubborn? guilty- probably ME.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me first. I came home from college for the weekend, and he came rollerskating with me and some friends. They went in my parents house, and he kissed me. Who asked who out first? Our first date was a blind date that Ben's Sister Tammy set us up on. We went to temple square and saw Legacy, then had a picnic in the car. He was still a missionary... ok maybe not exactly- but he'd only been home from his mission a few days, and he still had that missionary excitement and uncertainy about being around girls. He asked me out on the 2nd date to go cross country skiing.
Who proposed? He did. It was wonderful. We were up in Island Park at his family cabin, went for a walk in the rain that morning, and he stopped under a tree right by the springs and asked me to marry him.
Who has more siblings?
both have 5
Who wears the pants in the family? both of us.
He is the most wonderful husband. Always thinking of others, working hard to support us so I can stay home and homeschool the kiddos. I am so blessed to have him as my husband.

Tagging Natalie, Debbie and Lisa

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wow- Some cool freebies-

Michelle on Rattling Rocks has some info on a Free BOOK! (ya gotta know me and know how excited I was!) and also a free dvd.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Date with Roo, and Silly Doodle

Saturday Ben spend most of the day working on a log banister/railing someone wanted him to make. Bug and Doodle help when they can- peeling the bark off the logs. After Doodle was working for a while, he went into the house- and came back out a few minutes later dressed like this:
Reason? He had to have on his "goggles" like dad. ;D What a silly goof! Yes! That's packing tape!
That afternoon- Roo and I got a date! This is something fun we do in our family- each week someone gets a date. One week, it's me and Roo, the next week, doodle and mom, the next week, bug and mom, then Ben and I get a date. Then it's Ben's turn with each of the kids. We started this just before Roo was born, and we've really enjoyed it. The kids get to decide what we will do on the date. We've done some fun things, movies, bowling, rock climbing, hiking, bike riding, dinner out. One of Roo's favorite dates is a trip to the zoo.

Here's pictures from Roo and my Date to Willow Park/zoo. We had a fun time seeing the animals, Roo's Favorite were the turtles, and the wallabies.

Looking at the Pronghorns. He posed for us.
Cute little capuchin monkey. They were fun to watch, climbing all over the cage.
My cute litle "Roo" looking at the Kangaroo's in the zoo....ok- so they were wallabies, not kangaroos- but still pretty cute!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hatching Day!

For school each spring hatch some chicks. This year it's Pheasant chicks. Come on over if you are close, and you can watch some hatch. So far we have 19 and counting, there's at least 20 more eggs that will hatch today or tomorrow.

Bug has been studying Thomas Edison and one of the lessons is about hatching, so it was perfect timing. Doodle is reading Just Plain Fancy by Patricia Polocao- one of our favorite authors. In his story some Amish girls find an egg and put it under their chicken- it ends up being a Peacock egg, and they are worried he is too "fancy" to be Amish. A cute story!

Roo LOVES his "chickies" and likes to watch him hatch.