Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cabin Vacation Part 2-

Ooops! Apparently I "forgot" to post part 2 of cabin pics! (ok- so maybe I didn't forget, but simply haven't gotten around to it yet;)
 Cousins C, K, and A, such cute girls!
 The elk on the lawn at Mammoth
 Cookout time- A thinks Bug is pretty cool. 
 K and M sitting around the fire
 Pam in the canoe
 4th of July fireworks- playing with glow in the dark light sticks
 C went fishing with us, she was SOOOO proud of her fish, everyone who canoed by us (in the rain) heard about her catch.    She was such a sport, not even complaining about the rain falling on our heads.
 My fish ;) yup- I outfished Ben.
 Doodle and cousin N.  I love the way the little ones look up to my Boys!
 Part of the crew at the bridge feeding the fish

 Ben, Doodle, Roo, C and I went hiking in Yellowstone
 All of us on our hike
 C,  and the buffalo off in the distance- we had to bushwhack around him- he was too near our trail.
Roo celebrating, almost being back to the car

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