Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cabin Trip with Nick and Amber

Ben's little brother Nick and his wife Amber made the long trek to the cabin from Louisiana where he is stationed in the army.  We decided we'd better try and make a quick trip up to see them.  Ben and I made a very quick trip- leaving after work on Friday- and coming back Sunday afternoon.  The kids and Pam stayed until Tuesday.  It was great to see them, and we had a blast!
 What's a cabin trip without a river trip-  Tim, N and Roo on a kayak that we rented.
 Roo paddled my canoe for me.
 Ben paddled in back- and I got to  sit and enjoy the ride!
 Bug rented a tube and floated the river
 Doodle taking his turn on the kayak
 Amber and Nick- what a cute couple!
Doodle floating on the tube 
 Cousin W and his tube
Had to take a quick fishing trip to the Bridge- Doodle with a fish he helped catch
 L was such a help- he's so independent in his fishing- "I can do it myself"
 Bug and Nick- Bug really looks up to Nick, and thinks he's pretty cool. 
W and L doing dishes. Lol- I threaten my boys with the task of doing dishes, "If you aren't nice to your brother you'll have to do dishes." To which L and W reply "Can I do dishes?!"

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