Sunday, August 28, 2011

One of my favorite things:

Seeing this as I am hiking along a trail:

 All my Boys in front of me. ;)
We went for a family backpacking  trip over the weekend.  It was a beautiful hike, and those boys of mine are sure great backpackers-  Roo packed ALL his own stuff- sleeping bag, hammock, clothes,  & food

 Silly Roo dancing with his walking stick
 Doodle is a great backpacker- his pack was almost as heavy as mine. ;) though according to Ben, that's not saying much- cuz mine was rather light. :D
 Bug the mountain man
 See- I was there ;) 
 Beautiful spring we hiked to- it's a HUGE waterfall- that just comes right out of the mountain.
 A little further down the waterfall
 Indian Paintbrush is my very favorite wildflower.
 Roo in his makeshift hammock.  Everyone else had one- so Ben fashioned one for Roo- lol- only problem was he fell out of it in the night.  But he didn't care.  He slept through it, and woke up a while later and realized he was on the ground.
 Doodle loves the hammock he got for his birthday.
 Our little tangle of hammocks.  Roo's the red one- mine the green one at the back, Ben's the one that looks white, Bug's blue one, and Doodle's green one.  Can I just say that hammock was SOOO comfortable.  Bug gave it to me for my birthday- and I was a bit leery- not sure if I'd actually be able to sleep in it- but it was great! And my back wasn't sore from sleeping on the hard ground. (Just from the heavy backpack lol!)
 Me and my Silly Roo- playing around with the camera.  It was a SUPER hike, and I just loved spending the time in the wild with my boys.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Late B-day Doodle

Sunday was Doodle's 9th Birthday. He's grown and is such a silly, energetic kid. (sometimes I think that energy will be the death of me! lol)
HAA! Has anyone else noticed- I've been getting a bit more cooperation in the picture taking area lately- lol- Cute cute kiddo!
Doodle wanted a Kayak for his birthday- and was absolutely THRILLED to get this.  He's already used it, and loves it!

"Mom are you going to put toys on my cake for me?"  he asked- so after a quick trip to town Saturday night- I found a toy kayak- the perfect cake topper.
Showing his cousin W how to work the kayak.
 Doodle- you are sure a fun kid to be around, and bring such energy to our home! I am so grateful to have you as my son.  I have enjoying homeschooling you, and pray for you every day.  I pray that all will go smoothly as you go to public school in a few weeks, and that the teacher will be able to challenge you and help you to continue to enjoy learning!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scouting is great!

Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting play a big role in our homeschool....well, actually in our lives.  I truly believe in the scouting program.  It teaches boys how to become MEN. From Cub Scouting's Core Values to the Scout Oath & Law, boys learn how to be MEN. 

 The core values of Cub Scouting are  Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Faith, Health & Fitness, Honesty, Perserverance, Positive Attitiude, Respect & Responsibility
As boys know and learn about these values, commit to live by them, and Practive living them they become better members of families and society.

 Doodle just recently earned his Wolf badge (sorry- Roo was my photographer!)  I am so proud of him for setting the goal to earn it, and to finishing what he started.  He has had wonderful leaders, and is looking forward to his birthday when he can move up to the Bear Den.
 Bug had a court of honor the other night, and he earned a bunch of merit badges and is currently a 1st class- waiting for Sept. when he can advance to the rank of Star.  He also has wonderful leaders who have caught the vision of scouting. 
Wouldn't the world be a better place is everyone was  Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean & Reverent.  (and Hungry- Bug likes to add!)  We love the Boy and Cub scouting programs. 

More cabin trips

I think we've sure played a lot this year ;)  This cabin trip was a "work" trip though- we built a new deck for the cabin.  It turned out great!
Amber the awesome- cutting boards for the deck
Doodle loved to help drill.
The LAST board.
4 cousins eating their pizza on the deck....until the mosquitos about carried them away. Doodle- his buddy L, Roo, and his buddy W.
Taking a break on our hike in Yellowstone.
Hiking down the trail
Roo and Trish- great buddies.  Roo kept Trish entertained with all his stories and imagination.
Cool kids
Wraith Falls in yellowstone
Maybe sometime we'll stop playing and vacationing...but maybe not- as we have a trip to Alaska planned next month.