Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bug's big Race

Warning- proud momma brag ;)  A month or so ago- Bug came home from school (he takes 1 class- currently Band- at the local public school) and told us about a Biathlon that his school was having, and asked if he should he sign up for it. He was hesitant (probably because he didn't want to go talk to the teacher who was in charge of it! lol) And finally decided to go for it.  He debating asking a friend to do it with him, and do the run part of the race, but decided he could do it all.   It was a 3 mile bike ride followed by a 1 mile run.
Friday was the big day-   Here's Bug Before his race

I let him borrow my new road bike
The Starting line- 6th and 7th grade boys and girls Iron man Biathlon

Coming around the corner before the bike/run transition

Just starting out on the run- I love this pic- it's so cool!

Coming into the finish line- the boy in the orange shirt was right behind Bug the whole run leg of the race- and passed him up just at the end.

Results:  Bug's time was 17:20,  bike time was 10:15, and run times was 7:05.  He took 2nd place in the 6th grade boys!  and 4th place overall!   I'm so proud of him for his hard work, and great accomplishment-- Great job Bug!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspiring Triathlon video

Doodle's Primary Teacher at church gave him "homework" do go home and watch this movie with his family.  So since Doodle had our Family Home Evening Lesson last night- we watched this movie. SO inspiring! What a great example of Christlike Love!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Women of Steel Tri

The big day came again. After last year's triathlon, Amber and I decided to do it again.  Amber is amazing- having just had a baby 3 months ago.  Here's Roo after the race holding baby N, sitting by her middle ds L.
Here's a few pics from the race-
We did the 300 M pool swim first- but our photographers ;) --wonderful husbands-- were waiting with the kids along the route, so we don't have pics from that leg-
On the first biking leg-
More Biking pics
 Off on the Run- a 5K- YOUCH! It's Sooooo hard to run after biking 12.2 miles!   Major leg cramps
"Running"--- ok- so Ben says when I go that pace- it's not really running, but whatever.   So cute- as we went running by the kids- I hear Roo pipe up "ok- I saw them....NOW can I have a treat?!"  my hungry boys... 
  Amber made us some AWESOME shirts for the race-  Rosie the Riveter with "We can do it" on the back, and a swimmer, biker and runner on the front- WAY cool. 
 Here it is.....The FINISH Line!!

 WAHOO!    Here's my results  1:54:14- almost 2 minutes faster than last year's time.  ;) YES- I know it's not fast- and I'm sure it wasn't pretty- but I did it. (and I wasn't last!!)
WE did it!  Amber- thanks so much for racing with me.  It's been such a great thing to get me in shape, to set a goal and accomplish it.  After last year's race, I felt a little let down- I'd planned on doing a triathlon, and weather changed it to a biathlon.  I can now say "I did a tri"
 That is a smile- Yes, I think I might need to do this again.... maybe a relay instead? who knows.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rockets to Saturn

We are really enjoying Apologia Astronomy this year.  It's been such a success, and we've learned so much.  We just learned about Saturn, and the hands-on project that goes with that chapter is to make film canister rockets, and use alka seltzer tablets as the "fuel"
Roo and his rocket

Getting ready to launch

I was too slow... lol- here's Bug retrieving his rocket

Filling them up again.  Went through a whole box of alka selter....they were SO fun

Friday, May 13, 2011

Roo can Ride

Roo is the most cautious of all my kids, and takes his own sweet time when he's learning new things- there's no rushing him. 

But he Finally learned to ride his bike with no training wheels!  I came home and saw THIS riding down the road towards me. 

I think the grin says it all.
Way to Go Roo!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Doodle the gymnast

Doodle has been taking Power Tumbling classes, and (proud momma boast)  He's pretty good. ;)  Here's a couple of videos of his class last week
Pretty cool! :)

Hope those worked! ;) and that you don't mind my proud momma brag post.

LOL! Doodle says "You posted it on there?! Now I'll have people calling me left and right!"  (ok- whatever!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lake Powell Trip

For Mother's Day weekend- we went down to Arizona to visit Ben's mom and dad. (And his brother and his family, and his other brother's wife!)   Pam, the kids and I left Thrusday- and stopped in at Kolob Canyon in Zion's National Park on our way down. 

Kolob Canyon is beautiful!

Hiking a trail in Zions.

More Hiking

A Little Lizzard that SCARED Bug to death--  Good thing he has his littlest brother to protect him from the lizzards.

We went to the Glen Canyon Dam visitor's center- Roo's doing his Jr. Ranger papers.

Pam, Bug and Doodle waiting for our tour of the Dam.

How's that go?  "On the dam tour"

View from the bottom- it's just MASSIVE!

Earning their Jr. Ranger Badges. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Junior Ranger Program.  We earn the badges everywhere we can!)

Bug, Doodle and Nana in the house in the Rocks near Lee's Ferry.

I Look around, can't find Doodle- where is he?  On top of the BIGGEST rock he could find.

Roo and his cousin C playing in a cave in the rocks.

I thought this was so sweet- Roo's helping C down the rocks.
 We rented us a boat and went out on Lake Powell on Saturday- It was GREAT fun!
Getting the fishing poles set up

Me and My fishin buddy "C" (I had the pretty pink pole- so she got to fish with me. ;)

Bompa driving the boat

Doodle's hungry (again!?) so he decided to try a worm.

Nana and Pam sitting on the beach having a picnic.

Amber (Nick's wife) and Pam.

Burried in the sand
We had a wonderful time in Page- THANKS so much to Ben's mom and dad, and Bill and especially Raellen for letting us come visit!