Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring break and school planning

Today we made a quick trip to Idaho to buy another pig... sad story- Bug went out on saturday to check on his pigs, and one of them drowned in their water bucket. He was absolutely devasted. So after searching all weekend- we found some more piglets for sale up north, and took a road trip this morning to pick up one. We also picked up 2 more for a friend.

We have the rest of this week off for Spring Break- then we'll start school back up again. I like a break, but we all seem to go a little nuts around here without the routine of school. So I'm beginning the planning stages for the next few months. We homeschool year round, so we'll continue schooling through the end of June, take July off, then probably start back up again in August. We take breaks as we need them (ok- as mom needs them!)

This is the awesome Unit Study Curriculum we use for school for the older boys. Bug is using Beyond Five in A Row this year- and Doodle is doing some Five in a Row, some Before Five in a Row, and some units from this site I've even written a few units for Homeschool Share that I've used with my boys, they are in a Five in A Row style. Reading the book each day, and doing different lessons that go along with the book.

So starting Next week- Bug will be "rowing" Thomas Edison. Doodle is going to start next week with a Before Five in a row title The Little Rabbit. Roo of course doesn't like to be left out of the good stories and fun of school time- so I use ideas from Letter of the week. Though Roo's weeks are quite simple- he loves to read, so I feel I need to do some things with him as well.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Piggies and Rabbits and Car wrecks, Oh my!

What's been happening around here?! Bug is going to raise a pig for the county fair this summer. So Tuesday night, Ben took Doodle and Roo with him to go buy some pigglets. Bug has done a great job taking care of them so far. He has 2 of them- (in case one doesn't make weight or whatever, we have a backup- also we will just slaughter one of them to keep our freezer full) So here are Hammy and Bacon (fitting names don't you think!?)

Well, of course since Bug is raising Pigs for the Fair, Ben decided that Doodle should raise some rabbits for the fair- so yesterday he picked up "Roger" and "Cadburry".
Ok- so it's just Roger- Cadburry escaped and is hiding under the front porch, and we haven't been able to catch him yet.
Oh yes- and the last part of the title is Car Wrecks. Ben and Doodle were in a car accident last night, a semi pulled out in front of them and another car, the other car swerved to miss the semi and hit Ben and Doodle head on instead. Counting my blessings that no one was hurt. I think it scared Doodle pretty good- though he won't admit to being scared of anything. But the car unfortunately is not fixable, it's totaled. Yes- that is the "new" car we just got 2 weeks ago.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Silly "Roo-isms"

2 1/2 year old "Roo" is so silly. Sometimes kids say the darndest things. After hearing big brother Bug (who is obsessed with Harry Potter) say "What in the name of Merlin's big baggy underpants" (from Harry Potter 7) The little stinker pipes up over his favorite breakfast of pancakes...."What in the name of Pancakes!" When Roo gets frustrated it's "UGGGG!" muttered as loud as he can. And the most recent favorite roo-ism "That's go-gusting" Speaking of the lunch I made yesterday- reheated turkey tetrazinni.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here goes!

At Scrapbooking night- the ladies were all talking about their blogs, and lonely ol me...I didn't have one! lol- so here goes! Just a place to put our school activities, digital scrapbooking pages, and whatever else I feel like posting on here!

Here's a few pictures from our recent cabin trip

Roo and Dad skiing

Doodle and Pam