Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

AWWWW!! I love spring! Of course we usually celebrate Spring and Easter with a flashback to winter- with a cabin trip!   We had a super time! Ben's sister Tammy, her husband Seth, and their 2 boys C and K.
 Roo- hunting Easter Eggs. 
 Bug hutning his Easter Eggs.  Ben says that "teenager eggs" are hidden really well.
 It snowed on us all day Friday- but Saturday was a beautiful day!   The "Boys" all built some HUGE Snowmen!
 After building the snoman- Bug wanted to build an Igloo.  Wow the snow was perfect for igloos- nice and solid ICE underneath the fresh layer.
 Igloo in Progress

 Roo and his cousin C got tired of building igloos, and decided to dig a "hot tub/tadpole pond" in the snow!
 Doodle in his favorite spot- on the snowmobile!
 Cousin K dyeing Easter Eggs
 Roo and Cousin C dyeing their Easter Eggs
Pam, taking a break on the snowmobile