Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Roo!

Time flies on wings of cannot call it back....
Roo is 6 years old today- He's such a fun kid!  He's so funny and cute.  He's getting to be a good little reader, and loves following after his big brothers.  He recently lost 3 of his 4 front teeth- such a cute toothless grin!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Latest happenings

Last weekend we worked all morning- and decided to go fishing in the afternoon and evening- so we went up the canyon- The fishing was great- the catching....not so good- lol  But we had fun.
Doodle playing in the float tube

Roo- practicing his casting

Then we tried to find somewhere to have a fire and roast hot dogs for dinner- finally found a place-

My 3 sons. :D

YES- That is a PIZZA
Doodle is roasting it on the fire- we had leftovers from lunch, and he wanted it for dinner.
Monday- I got to go to Cub Scout Day Camp with Doodle and the boys in his Cub scout den.- I probably have cute pics of your boy if he went with us! ;)- (Rachel & Brenda)
Archery time
They have a cool BMX course that the boys had a great time riding on.
Doodle and his friend K shooting BB guns

Doodle on the Zip Line- the highlight of the day.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Field trips part 2

Today we went on a great Friday Field trip- We went to the Treehouse Children's Museum

WeSaw THIS as we were driving through Brigham City- YEAH!!
 The steeple is going up on the New Brigham City Temple

"Milking" the cow

My little Indians in front of the teepee

3 little fishermen- Roo, and cousins W and L

Future President Doodle (hey- he'd do a great job!)

Roo's arch

I LOVE it when Doodle's in a posing mood- because it's not often I get great pics of him actually looking at the camera-  Doodle the Astronaut

Doodle the Policeman
Cooking over the Fire
my Indian Chief- "Chief- Little-Talks-a-lot

We stopped for Farr's Ice cream on our way home- YUM

Friday Field trips part 1

Field trips are the best! Last week we went out to Kennecott Copper Mine for a field trip- We learned all about copper, and about the biggest open pit mine- one that can be seen from outer space. It was fascinating to watch and learn about-

 3 boys looking out over the edge

A view from the top- a picture just doesn't do it justice - it's HUGE

one of the tires from off the trucks

exploring different minerals through microscopes- the visitor's center is way cool
We had a great time!