Friday, August 27, 2010

We are loving astronomy

Or as Roo calls it "Pastromomy" For a bit of extra sicence fun we are using Apologia Astronomy We finished the first chapter this week- and made our model of the solar system. The distances to the sun are not right- and the sun should be Bigger- but we had a fun time with it.
Boy- some of those planets were tiny! The boys keep asking "When can we pop the balloons?" I told them after we study about each planet, they can pop it. Luckily The Sun is the next chapter.
Doodle tying a string onto Jupiter

Monday, August 23, 2010

Doodle is 8!

We were on vacation at the cabin when Doodle had his birthday- but I'll not skip posting about my boy- even if it is a bit late- so here's a few reminiscing photos of Doodle- (I still can't believe he's 8!) It's SO hard to find good pics of Doodle- Here's one I took to put on his Baptism invitations-
Doodle is....well Doodle is Doodle! He IS who he IS, and there's no changing his mind. He is a leader, and likes to have people follow him. He especially loves playing with his younger cousins- because they do just that- look up to him and follow him. He is a goer, a mover and a shaker, he's not one to let life pass him by. He is always on-the-go and loves to move, go places and do things.

Big brother Bug, and Doodle just after he first came to us.
The Adoption Day! :DDoodle LOVES being outside- camping, hiking, fishing, exploring, This is what pictures of Doodle *usually* look like- The Back of his HEAD! (unless it's blurry because he was running!)
Doodle and I building a sand castle. Doodle- We love you! And are so blessed to have you in our familiy!

We didn't drop off the edge of the earth...

But we did climb to the top of the world! At least that's where we told Roo we were driving to- We went for a Sunday Drive yesterday- and drove to the top of Willard Peak- WOW!! In Roo's words "This is amazing!" It was stormy- so we couldn't see the valley very well- but we could see the clouds-

Here's what the sign said- lol- not sure about that lower case i in POiNT - A view on our way back down the mountain. I LOVE the mountains...(how does that old camp song go? something about mountians and rolling hills, flowers and daffodils)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lovin the Zoo

On Friday we went to the zoo for a fum family outing. Pam went with us- and we met Amber and Tim and their boys W and L, and also Raellen (Ben's brother Bill's wife) and her 3 girls, K, C and A.
Walking up the hill in the HEAT! It was a hot day!
The ostrich were HUGE!
There is a new baby elephant- it was SO cute!
K, C, Doodle, L and A watching the elephants. Cousin K and Bug- these 2 are like 2 peas in a pod- both obsessed with Harry Potter and both have crazy imaginations. :D
The Iguana was COOL!Making the world sping backwards