Thursday, June 26, 2008

Off we go

My little brother is getting married tomorrow! Wow! Troy- I can't believe you are that old already ;) Congrats to you and Rachel! Here's Troy and Rachel playing with Roo at my parent's house on Father's Day.

After the wedding we are headed up to our cabin for a relaxing week.Ben's coming for the weekend- but has to be back to work on Monday, and he'll come back up for the next weekend. (ok- as relaxing as it can be with Bug, Doodle, Roo, our neice K, and nephew "muddy buddy" (lol- read previous post!) and only Pam, Ben's bro Nick and I as adults (Nick- I'm counting on you to be an adult ;))
With any luck I'll come back with stories of exciting wildlife (Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!---- ok- maybe Moose and Chipmunks and Bears, oh my)

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Wheels and a few kid pix

Saturday after Ben was done with Scout Camp- we headed down to Clearfield to the Library(yes- I have to drive that far to go to the library- The little bookmobile just doesn't do it for us-neither does the podunk city library- that I have to pay to use! and the librarians there are awesome, greet me by name, don't complain when I have 15 books on hold, Let me reserve books online, even request books from other libraries!) Anyhow- we were looking around a little for cars- and found this one at a great deal. With the cost of gas, it's just not working to do my running around in the truck. It's a Dodge Neon- pretty cute I think.
We are babysitting Amber and Tim's (Ben's Sister and her husband's) boy Wyatt while they went to Arizona to pick up our neice for a visit. Wyatt had a blast playing with the big kids. Apparentely he's earned the nickname of "muddy buddy" around here....not sure where that came from. lol

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cub Scout Day camp

We had our Cub Scout Day camp yesterday- Ben and his group of Boy Scouts are camping nearby, and they were the instructors for our day camp. It was SO neat to see the Boy Scouts mentoring the Cubs. We stamped leather wristbands, made soda pop rocket launchers (see this post for more info on the rocket launchers. They played ultimate frisbee, did boondogle, cooked their hot dogs for lunch. Launched water balloons at the Boy Scouts. And had a real live lesson in Fire Safety (thankfully it was put out quickly, and the boys all learned- especially the Boy Scout who was playing around with a lighter)

Bug playing on the monkey bridge.

Bug and another scout learning about fire-starting.

Teaching a lesson on Flag etiquette.

The awesome water balloon launcher

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Black Lab - Free to ANY home!

GRRRR! We're not even talking a "good home" Just get rid of this dumb dog!!! Yesterday morning I looked out the back window and could see that Bug's dog Kenai wasn't tied up anymore- looked out the kitchen window- and he was INSIDE the rabbit cage! Sure enough- he'd jumped the fence into the rabbit cage, chased Doodle's rabbits around and finally caught Cadbury, and killed it. Doodle was devastated and mad at the dumb dog. Luckily Roger was smart enough to go inside their little box, and Kenai didn't get him. (Or maybe once the dog had one he gave up on the other one.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just some digital scrapbook pages to share

Ben's gone with the Boy Scouts to Scout camp this week- so it's just me and the kids at home all week. They are camping close by, so Monday night they had a Family Night- for all the families to come down for dinner and a Family Home Evening Lesson. We were off to Karate tonight. But here's what I get to work on while Ben's gone. ;) Scrapbook pages!

This first page I used a Freebie kit from SO cute

The next 2 page spread is from Bug's birthday in January see I'm only a few months behind! ;) (shhh! don't tell anyone I haven't done anything with pictures from 96 when we were married until 2006 when Roo was born!!)

I used the cool kit from For these 2 pages- I like the elements on this one- especially the cool acordian folding frames. And the last 2 pages to share for today- A couple from sledding this winter- The kit is Lime from

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dairy Field trip

We had a fun field trip today- even though it rained on us. Our homeschool group had a field trip to Tuleview Dairy planned for today. So we jumped at the chance to get out.
Learning all about the milking process.
Doodle was quite fascinated with the whole milking machines, and how automated it is. The machine stops when it's done, records what cows were milked, how much milk each cow gave.
We got to go see the baby calves too. They were pretty cute- Bug says he wants a pet calf- but he wants it to stay little and cute....told him it doesn't work that way....they grow up...(just like kids! lol)
Roo petting the baby calf. He thought that was the coolest part.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Target Practice

Bug and I have been taking a Hunter Safety class. We signed up for the online class- But we have our practical range test and the written final exam on Saturday. So Monday for Family Home Evening- we went out to practice shooting. We borrowed my dad's 22's (Thanks Dad!) We hiked a little way up Rattlesnake Canyon and found a nice clearning, Bug did good hitting the target, and even hit the soda pop can. My last round- I really blew the target away- Right in the bull's eye- 3 times!! ;) Now if only I can hit that good on Saturday. Doodle and Roo explored around the area. Then we went to a park for a picnic. It was a fun night. Now's when you are really going to think I'm nuts- It was SO much fun! lol- I loved hitting the target.
Cute picture of my little "Hikerman Roo" (hey Emily- look at my use of the rule of 2/3 ;) I did learn something from scrapbooking night!)
Bug- Reloading the 22

Boom!! Right in the Bullseye!

Little explorers taking a soda pop break.